Apogee Awards

Discovering Artistic Excellence

Apogee Awards are a gold standard of recognition for exceptionally talented performance artists. We created the program to discover profoundly gifted artists at every stage of their career cycle and to bring these gifts to fruition. From those just beginning their professional training to those at the pinnacle of their accomplishments, the Apogee Awards program is designed to identify, recognize, encourage, and support the world’s most promising artists wherever they may be found.

With its multi-tiered approach, Apogee Awards offer a unique opportunity for artists to succeed on their journey to greatness and to fulfill their creative destinies. By the recognition of this program, Apogee Awards Laureates automatically qualify for full subsidization to participate in Apogee Academy training programs as well as to perform at Apogee Artists events anywhere in the world, igniting the spark of excellence within while shaping humanity’s future for the world.

Apogee Laureates

Apogee’s support has transcended all ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, and borders, discovering, and showcasing extraordinary talent and putting it on display to inspire humanity worldwide.

Apogee Laureate Selection Process

The selection process involves collaboration with leading local performing arts institutions to evaluate their most talented artists. A panel of judges is formed, which consists of one judge from Apogee, one from the arts institution, and one local leading performing artist or instructor. This appointed panel then consensually determines the individual to be granted the title of Apogee Award Laureate, which in turn, grants the artist a scholarship and all other Apogee Laureate benefits and privileges.

The Foundation has worked closely with elite students, artists, instructors, and administrators all over the planet at every stage of their career cycle, empowering and enabling them to reach their full potential. From budding artists in their formative years to performers at the height of their powers to master instructors cultivating the future of their art form, Apogee has identified and fostered the tremendous potential of some of the most extraordinary creative artists in the world from under 10 to over 80 years of age.

With an unparalleled level of guidance and support, Apogee is proud not only to have recognized and assisted world-class performers of all ages and nationalities but to have also cultivated a community of beneficiaries who share the Foundation’s ideals and vision and who have therefore gone on to change the face of the performing arts landscape.

Scholarship Awards

With an unwavering and uncompromising commitment to achieving human excellence, the Apogee Foundation identifies, seeks out, and supports performing arts students worldwide who have demonstrated extraordinary ability. The Foundation provides two levels of recognition and support: Apogee Merit Scholarships and Apogee World Scholarships. Both are reliable forms of global recognition acknowledging these students’ indisputably world-class talents and achievements.

Apogee Merit Scholar

Apogee Merit Scholarships serve as the entry-level recognition to the Apogee system for students who possess exceptional promise in the world of performance arts.

Apogee World Scholar

Apogee World Scholarships recognize performing arts students who show the promise of historic success on the world stage. Apogee World Scholars are provided with unprecedented levels of holistic support custom designed to fulfill their most significant potential throughout their ensuing international careers.

Artistry Awards

The Artistry Awards are the ultimate honor for those who have climbed the heights of creative expression, reaching the apogee of their discipline with unparalleled finesse. These Awards shine a spotlight on those who have displayed remarkable promise in the arts, as well as those whose work has transcended excellence to achieve true greatness in the field.

With Apogee’s support and recognition for gifted artists worldwide, both Rising Star and Virtuoso Award Laureates have the chance to showcase their incredible talent on elite stages planet wide. Within each of the Artistry Awards are two levels of recognition and benefits: an entry-level award for those who show exceptional promise and an ultimate prize for those who have demonstrated world-beating or historical potential.

Rising Star Award

Apogee grants the Rising Star Award to emerging performing artists who have proven themselves to be the best of the best at Apogee Artists events and programs worldwide. This prestigious recognition opens doors to featured positions in Apogee Academy and Apogee Artists programs, the opportunity to perform with world-renowned performing arts institutions, companies, and collectives, and the possibility of other blue-chip collaborations.

Virtuoso Award

The Foundation extends its Virtuoso Award to extraordinarily accomplished professionals who have achieved unparalleled excellence in their craft. These exceptional artists are invited to participate in Apogee Awards, Apogee Academy, and Apogee Artists programs worldwide and to have events and programs specifically designed to showcase their incredible talents.

Mastership Awards

The Mastership Awards are a distinguished recognition program initiated by the Foundation to celebrate exceptional leadership in the performing arts industry. The Awards comprise two categories of recognition and benefits: an entry-level award for those who show extraordinary promise and a top-tier prize for those who have demonstrated world-beating or historical potential. These awards are designed to acknowledge the outstanding achievements and contributions of individuals who have elevated the performing arts to new heights of excellence. Recipients of the Mastership Awards embody the essence of mastery and serve as role models for others in the industry.

Apogee Master Award

The Foundation seeks out and recognizes the foremost performance art instructors, creators, and managers who have consistently enabled others to achieve world-class excellence in the performing arts to support their efforts and to set a global example of performing arts mastery.

Apotheosis Award

The Apotheosis Award is the apex of recognition from Apogee, reserved for those who have soared to new heights in achieving and enabling others to achieve historic levels of greatness in the performing arts as performance artists, creative talents, teachers, directors, administrators who have attained and furthered the apotheosis of the Foundation’s ideals.

This prestigious honor is bestowed upon the elite, the leaders in their field who have made an impact of historical and global significance. Each Apotheosis Award Laureate will also have a series of special edition Apogee Awards created and bestowed in their honor that reflect the ideals they have achieved and exemplified. It’s an achievement that will inspire others to reach for the stars and join the ranks of world-class performers.