Apogee Awards

Discovering Artistic Excellence

Apogee Awards is an internationally recognized, multi-tiered project designed to discover and support extremely gifted artists at each stage of their careers: whether students in their first years of training, artists at the pinnacle of their careers, or masters conveying their wealth of experience to future generations.

Apogee Awards programs are designed not only to discover these artists, wherever they may be, but also to provide them with support in achieving their greatest potential. As an integral part of this support, Apogee Awards laureates have the opportunity to participate in Apogee Academy training programs and to perform at Apogee Artists events, beginning the virtuous circle of excellence.

Apogee Laureates

Apogee has had beneficiaries of its support in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, on three continents, and ranging in age from under 10 to over 80 years of age.

We are extremely proud of our record of achievement in being able to identify and recognize superlatively talented performing artists from the earliest years of their careers: students, artists and instructors at all stages on the path to achieving the potential of human excellence in the performing arts.

Apogee is unique not only in its ability to identify world class performing artists at all levels, but also in the extent and depth of support and the Apogee Services that it provides to its beneficiaries over the course of their careers, enabling them to change the history of the performing arts world.

Scholarship Awards

Apogee Merit Scholarships are the Foundation’s core student award for students of the performance arts who demonstrate extraordinary ability and promise of future distinction in their fields.

Apogee World Scholarships are awarded to Apogee Merit Scholars consistently demonstrating levels of talent and achievement reaching an indisputably world class level.

Artistry Awards

Apogee’s Rising Star Award is provided to young performing artists who distinguish themselves as the top performers at Apogee Artists events and other programs and productions around the world.

Recipients become eligible for featured positions in Apogee Academy and Apogee Artists programs around the world as well as for featured performances with leading orchestras, dance companies, and other professional performance groups with which the Foundation holds gala events in various countries.

Apogee’s Virtuoso Award is provided to professional performing artists who have risen to the top of their fields and who are invited on this basis to participate in Apogee Awards, Apogee Academy and Apogee Artists programs around the world.

Mastership Awards

Apogee’s Achievement Award is provided to leading instructors and directors who have consistently enabled others to achieve world class excellence in the performance arts.

Apogee’s Apotheosis Award is the Foundation’s highest honor: provided exclusively to leaders in their field who have achieved and enabled others to achieve world class excellence in the performing arts to a level of historic significance.