Apogee Artists

Celebrating Artistic Excellence

Experience the highest level of human achievement and excellence through Apogee Artists global performance events and media productions.

Our programs showcase the accomplishments of Apogee Awards laureates and provide emerging artists with unparalleled exposure and opportunity. Apogee Artists programs allow us to celebrate the virtuous circle of creative excellence that propels our mission and drives our Foundation forward to new dimensions of human achievement.

Apogee World Stage of Performing Arts

Apogee Artists programs include world-class performing arts festivals and events that showcase the unique talents of elite performance artists on a planetary stage.

In contrast to traditional competitions, Apogee Artists events are designed to foster a supportive, appreciative, and collaborative atmosphere where every participant can achieve and share their fullest potential. Every artist who participates is recognized by our experienced international juries with Apogee Awards or other suitable recognition that reflects, nurtures, and promotes their remarkable abilities.

Apogee Artists in Residence

In 2005, Apogee launched its Artists in Resident program to elevate creativity in all spheres of the performing arts universe.

Our Artists in Residence initiative brings together superior composers, choreographers, authors, instructors, directors, and designers from around the globe who represent and embody the future of the performing arts to conceive and develop new and innovative material that will then be featured in Apogee Artists programs.

Thanks to Apogee’s Artists in Residence program, emerging artists and audiences alike are treated to breathtaking performances and experiences that push the limits of imagination and inspiration.

Apogee Art Works

The Foundation’s Artists in Residence Program brings together leaders of the creative arts industry from around the world.

These elite professionals then collaborate with Apogee’s administration to create original, innovative, and trailblazing content for Apogee World Stage productions.

Moreover, the Foundation’s directors actively foster partnerships between the worlds of art and technology to transform lives and inspire the planet. Since 2007, Apogee has collaborated with leading media and technology professionals and groups to bring the performing arts world into new dimensions of achievement, utilizing film, television, interactive technologies, recorded media, and live events to showcase and promote excellence in all aspects of creative art.

With shared personnel, knowledge, and technology, these joint efforts create innovative, cutting-edge productions that inspire and engage audiences like never before. And, through these efforts, elite performing artists receive the global recognition and appreciation they deserve.

Imagine a world where beneficiaries and benefactors alike have access to programs that could unlock hidden talents and open doors to new opportunities. This is the kind of world that the Apogee Foundation strives to realize. With Apogee’s media and technology programs, the Foundation’s beneficiaries can explore synergistic fields, cultivate new skills, and find new markets for their talents planetwide.

While these programs provide internship and residency opportunities, they are not just about increasing exposure and expanding knowledge. Our mission is to empower extraordinary creative minds with the full resources of the media and technology industries. We believe that by merging these two worlds, we can fuse their power and unlock infinite human potential.

Media & Technology

Beginning in 2007, Apogee has forged a global collaboration with the London and Los Angeles based media & technology group: Aurience Limited.

The aim of this collaboration is to promote performing arts excellence around the world through film and television, interactive technologies, recorded media and live event productions. In fulfilling this aim, the two organizations now share personnel, know-how and proprietary programs to develop new synergies between the power of the performing arts and the penetration of electronic media. Jointly created Apogee-Aurience media & technology productions are designed to foster new levels of appreciation for, and participation in, the life and work of elite performing artists.

These programs can serve the Foundation’s mission and the interest of its beneficiaries and benefactors in many ways: increasing their exposure, knowledge and opportunities among naturally synergistic fields and cultivating new awareness of and markets for their talents. Apogee’s media & technology programs also offer the opportunities for beneficiaries, volunteers and professionals to undertake internships and residencies while working in this crossover area bridging the elite levels of the arts and media industries.