Our Programs

Apogee Awards

Apogee Awards programs serve to discover and recognize extraordinary artistic excellence worldwide. Once gifted emerging artists are found through this system and recognized as Apogee Award Laureates, they can participate in Apogee Academy training programs and Apogee Artists performance events worldwide. Through the Apogee Awards program, we help global talent thrive by starting gifted individuals on a virtuous circle of excellence that can endure and bear fruit throughout the entire course of their careers.

Apogee Academy

Apogee Academy programs serve as our vehicle for developing extraordinary artistic talent and allowing it to flourish. Academy programs are coordinated with Apogee Artists Events and welcome Apogee Awards Laureates from around the globe. This is the engine through which the foundation’s mission is fulfilled: providing cutting-edge training opportunities for performing artists worldwide.

Apogee Artists

Apogee Artists programs serve as our platform for celebrating and promoting artistic excellence. Our events allow Apogee Award Laureates to showcase their efforts and talents, build their international careers and networks, and inspire audiences worldwide. These events also allow Apogee’s experienced talent scouts to discover new emerging artists. Our Apogee Artist programs thus act as the culmination of Apogee’s mission while also launching the virtuous circle of talent discovery and development that perpetually brings our work to higher levels while broadening our reach.