Our Programs

Apogee Awards

The Apogee Awards division serves to discover artistic excellence. As an integral part of this support, Apogee Awards laureates have the opportunity to participate in Apogee Academy training programs and of performing in Apogee Artists events around the world; thus, the virtuous circle of excellence is set in motion.

Apogee Academy

The Apogee Academy division serves to develop artistic excellence. Academy programs are coordinated with Apogee Artists events and welcome Apogee Awards laureates from around the globe; thus becoming the wheelhouse / central component in the Foundation’s virtuous circle of excellence.

Apogee Artists

The Apogee Artists division serves to celebrate artistic excellence. Apogee Artists productions serve to present Apogee Awards Laureates to the world while also providing the opportunity to discover new emerging artists; thus, Apogee Artists programs serve as the culmination of the virtuous circle of excellence.