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  Dr. Bernard Schneider and Mrs. Marjorie Schneider

Dr. Bernard Schneider and
Mrs. Marjorie Schneider

Physician, Antiquarian
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Medical and Educational Advisors
Assistant Corporate Secretary
Regional Coordinators

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Dr. Bernard Schneider is a distinguished physican, a former President of the Medical Staff at a major regional hospital, and also a former national champion sprinter. Mrs. Marjorie Schneider is an well established art expert and antiquarian and a former professional educator.

Among their four children are former professionals in each of the major spheres of the performing arts: dance, drama and music. Their son, a music and drama specialist, is the Founder and President of Apogee, and their daughter, a dance and fine arts specialist, is a member of the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Dr. and Mrs. Schneider were themselves inaugural members of Apogee's Board of Directors, and currently assist the Foundation as medical and educational advisors. Mrs. Schneider, the Foundation's and the Board of Director's original Corporate Secretary, now serves the Foundation as its Assistant Corporate Secretary.

The Schneiders have consistently contributed their time, energy, wisdom and financial support to the Foundation since its inception, and have personally sponsored several of its most ambitious programs. Particularly noteworthy has been there support for Apogee's World Scholar and World Stage programs, which thanks to their commitments have been among the Foundation's largest and most successful ventures worldwide.

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