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Aleksander Lisuk

Apogee Merit Scholar

Bern, Switzerland


Video: Fifteen year old Apogee Merit Scholar Aleksander Lisuk
Aleksander Lisuk is shown in a live performance at Apogee’s
Odessa International Music Festival
For more information, see Apogee's 13 June 2006, 3 October 2006 and 12 May 2009 news releases.
Click on image to play video
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Cellist Aleksander Lisuk was selected as one of the first Apogee Scholars in Ukraine during the 2005/2006 academic year by the Minister of Culture for Odessa Province, the Directors of the two of Ukraine's leading music schools, and the President of the Apogee Foundation.

Lisuk also was subsequently selected by the jury at Apogee's first International Music Festival in Odessa as an Apogee Scholar for the ensuing 2006/2007 academic year, and again by the jury at the Foundation's Apogee Artists concert events in Odessa held during the 2008/2009 academic year.

For more information, see the Foundation's 13 June 2006, 3 October 2006 and 12 May 2009 press releases.

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